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A Small Town Museum

The National Museum of Horseshoeing and Hall of Honor was formally opened in January of 1999 in Sulphur, Oklahoma, though the seed for the idea started long before in the founder’s personal collection. Lee Liles, a preeminent farrier in the mid-South known for his shoeing techniques in the Tennessee Walking Horse arena, began his interest in farriery as a young boy. After touring overseas in the Vietnam war, Lee started apprenticing and learning the craft in earnest. In the 1990s, as his formal shoeing career was becoming difficult due to physical limitations, Lee shifted his focus to a personal passion: preserving the history and culture of the farrier trade. In April of 1999, the museum was handed the keys to the city of Sulphur, a formal acknowledgment of the uniqueness and value of the collection. Over the next 20 years, Lee invested countless hours into collecting, researching, and sharing the joy of shoeing with guests from all over the world. After his passing in 2018, the museum relocated and formalized as a nonprofit and was renamed the Museum of Horseshoeing, Inc. The museum reopened in Stockyards City, OKC in October of 2019. 


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