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From Hall to Wall

In the original museum location, there was a physical hall that served as an honorific to the industry greats – both titans of industrial production and individuals who left a unique and persistent stamp on the trade. This wall serves the same purpose. Some key toolmakers include Champion Tool Company (still in existence today as CHANNELLOCK), G.E. Forge and Tool (more modern company), and Capewell Nails.  This space also honors those who have made significant achievements to advance the craft; some of the examples are Doug Butler, William Russell, and Bob Hughes. Use the Tool Tips to find out more on the individual people and companies.


The interviews below highlight two prominent figures, Doug Butler and Dave Farley. Doug's bio below [from his website] shows what a unique impact he has had on the industry. Dave works with top level sport horses at the Kentucky Horse Park.


Over 50 Years Farrier Experience

Dr. Doug Butler’s expertise on humane horse foot care is built on his combined educational and work background. Dr. Butler has a Ph.D. in veterinary anatomy and equine nutrition and over 50 years experience as a practicing farrier. He has devoted his life to studying problems associated with horse foot care and simplifying essential information into usable solutions that he shares with his students and fellow horse professionals. He is dedicated to excellence in horse foot care.


Dr. Butler Holds Many Unique Distinctions

  • One of less than 1 percent of farriers in the U.S. to have a Ph.D.

  • One of 550 Certified Journeyman Farriers in the U.S.

  • He is one of 158 Fellows of the Worshipful Company of Farriers since 1356 A.D.

  • He is one of 35 living FWCFs — the first American citizen to achieve it

  • He is the only person who is a Ph.D., CJF and FWCF

Doug has won many state and national shoeing competitions, including the North American Challenge Cup Horseshoeing Contest, and he has been a member of the North American Horseshoeing Team 3 times.

His books, including The Principles of Horseshoeing, are the most widely used in the world on the subject of farriery. A popular speaker, Dr. Butler has spoken at many national horse symposiums and has been a featured speaker at Veterinary Congresses in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Switzerland. He has addressed the AAEP and the first Florida Association of Equine Practitioners Conference.

Audio InterviewDoug Butler
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The titans of industrial production were similarly impactful in supporting the farriery industry. Click below for histories on some of the biggest companies, and swipe through below to see late 1800's advertisements for the products.

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