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Man and Machine

Though hammers and anvils are the most common tools associated with farriers and blacksmiths, there have been many useful tools and machines developed over time that assist metalworkers with particularly difficult tasks. Often, basic forms of machines were introduced and evolved over time into more sophisticated instruments. The hand-crank forge seen on the wall is one such machine in its rudimentary form. Space-efficient, portable electric forges are now the norm for farriers on the go. Similarly, the mechanical hammer, also known as a power or  trip hammer, has modern versions that are efficient enough to use in industrial forging. Other artifacts included here are wheel bending implements, caulking machines, and various types of vices. While these tools and machines served to make the lives of metalworkers easier, they were often feats of engineering in and of themselves at the time. 


Hey Parents!

Can your little one find a picture in the patent books that look similar to any of the machines here?


Machines have evolved over time and exhibit some extraordinary strength and usefulness today. Watch below a clip about modern mechanical hammers, and compare to the one to the far right of the machine wall.

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