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Step into the Shop

The world of blacksmithing has changed a lot over the years! Here is what a blacksmithing shop could look like in the 1800s. The shops were often cornerstones of the locations they served, as they were essential to the community. Many art pieces around the museum showcase how the blacksmith shop was often a center of commerce, conversation, as well as creation. Some of the most important tools in the blacksmithing shop are an anvil, a forge, hammers, a workspace or table, and place to safely let the horses rest. . 


Hey Parents! Here’s a fun question to ask your child: What do you think being a blacksmith would have been like? What skills would you want to make sure you learned in school before becoming a blacksmith or a farrier?

Modern, mobile rigs help shoers reach clients more easily. Check out a modern rig below.

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