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The Power of the Page

The museum holds the largest known collection of farrier, blacksmithing, and equine footcare-related literature in the world. This includes the most significant collection of Dr. William Russell books, and many first and introductory editions of other important works. Prior to the advent of modern technology and instruction techniques, publications were a primary mode of communication and information sharing. This publication collection includes thousands of books and magazines dating back to the early 18th century. Our collection also showcases the global impact of the farrier, with works in several languages including English, German, and Russian. Subject matters of our library range from catalog-type publications to instructional and philosophic works. Regardless of which book you may pick up to read, you are bound to find new pieces of information wherever you look.


Today, the most preeminent publication of the trade is the American Farriers Journal, of which the museum has a copy of every publication. The Journal was originally a print publication, but has modernized to include many forms of media for today’s farrier – web, video, podcasts, and more. As our information systems continue to evolve, publications like AFJ must work hard to ensure the trade is brought along, keeping the world accessible to new and young farriers.

Watch below for an introduction to the library by the museum founder.


The Journal is the preeminent publication for farriers today, and contains a wealth of knowledge for tradespeople and the public alike. Explore some of our favorite links below. In the video, museum founder Lee Liles discusses the importance of topical journalism through AFJ.



Around the library, you will notice photographs and certificates regarding qualifications for shoers. Certified Journeyman Farrier (or CJF) is the highest certification one can achieve in the United States. The Worshipful Company of Farriers has a similar certification that is more common in Europe. The video below showcases an opinion on what it means to be a good farrier.


Swipe through the gallery to see select images from Russell's Scientific Horseshoeing. The Museum has the most copies and editions of this text in a known collection. A full book can be viewed here: Library of Congress

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